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Is anyone familiar with Monacor drivers. By continuing to monacor the site, you are agreeing to our use monacor cookies. Monacor includes, for monacor, mnacor technology, c51mcp51 drivers for windows speaker Stage and Event Technology.

The cabinets from Parts Express seem like a really, really good idea. But I will let the software tell me that. Create new account Request new password.

Considering a DIY project - thinking about Monacor Drivers

Nice thing is, this sort of eliminates a lot of the silly wheel spinning I was going through like exotic woods. Stage and Event Technology. Finally, what about power handling? This would greatly decrease the likelihood I am going to ruin the finish. Is it better not to port them in that scenario?

From the plot, you can see how quickly the bottom end rolls off. He also has a relationship with a store that does custom installs. Hi-fi Speakers read monaco.

Products from Monacor Powered by Dante

High-performance wireless technology and microphone technology. Shop Recordings Buyer's Guides More. Very detailed and extremely neutral which is what I was hoping for. Is that okay to do and if so what material should be used for braces? Internal bracing is critical.

Is the power rating on the two speakers supposed to be additive or is it averaged? You can send us your question or request here.

It took some time to get them dialed in with the attenuator, but I could not be happier. My point is that you need to keep realistic goals in mind. Thank you for the software links. That seems to be the missing link and will answer my questions.

By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Highly likely that is the way I will go this first time. Within our assortment you? And the distance of the woofer from the rear wall. Just enter your contact information to get started!


These includes, for example, lighting technology, speaker technology, as well as cables and connectors. Don't hesitate to use them. Thank you very much for the advice thus far.

When I get the correct microphone, I will take full measurements and post them. When I get to a point where I am drawing up specs for it, I will have questions. One of our employees will monacor your request and send you a response monacor.

This website uses cookies. We will respond as quickly as possible. If I understand the forums I have read, I need to add an L-pad attenuator to deal with the output difference. This is typical for any speaker.

You monacor send us your question or request here. Everyone will guide you reliably through the most fulfilling journey in audio you could ever experiance. The more I dig into these forums, the more confused I was getting.

Look on our respective brand website to find out what our product brands got in store for you. Monacor is a German company. Monacor company founder had a keen sense of the Monacor market when he started to import electronic components and products from Asia. Influences and ideas from all over the world allow monacor to always provide you with the latest products and innovations. Whether ported or sealed is not an issue.

Stage and Event Technology

Note the high midrange output through the port. Our aim is to promote this positive development monacr. Cancel inquiry Submit inquiry.

Red is the output from the rear port. Monacor can send us your question or monacor here. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our monacorr of cookies.

My friend who owns this store is swapping me them for a bottle of Scotch that I don't want or like. Man have I been doing a lot of reading.

The real question is whether I will use the Monacor drivers I have or if I will be ordering new ones. Miniature Speakers read more. Some have reported good luck using properly sized bamboo cutting boards, even if just for the front baffle where rigidity is of the utmost importance. You might try to build it with a screw on baffle so you can make your baffle out of a variety of materials and decide which you like most. What is relevant is the baffle step correction, or lack of it, in the crossover.

The only spec I see in these raw drivers is resonant frequency but I am not sure how that relates to actual sound production. The specific drivers I mentioned were suggested as potentially strong fit by a friend who owns a stereo store. Also, these will set relatively close to a wall where if I bought speakers, I would use a port bung.

Those are remarkable measurements for such an inexpensive, small bookshelf speaker. The product monacor includes wired stage microphones, monacor instrument microphones monacor professional wireless solutions. It is very cool to have completed this project.

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