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If the wiring distance is long between the inverter and motor, a main circuit cable voltage drop will cause the motor torque to decrease especially at the output of a low frequency. There are six different brake units as in the following table, from which make selection according to the deceleration time. Change the position of upper and lower part of the inverter. Follow the on-screen instructions. For torque control, therefore, the speed is determined by the load.

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation FREQROL Inverter Driver

Internal stop position command Pr. This ensures safe operation in compliance with the European Machinery Directive without installation of another contactor.

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Appropriate peripheral devices must be selected according to the capacity. Outline Dimension Drawings. Lit to indicate external operation mode.

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To prevent an electric shock, the inverter and motor must be earthed grounded. The Series inverters can be freely customized to fit the machine or customer specifications.

In rare cases, the following address will not communicate properly. Description At this time, all external contact inputs switch off. Switchover of the operation mode with is valid when Pr. Decrease the excitation ratio when you want to improve Refer to the section about Pr. To protect the cables from noise, run them away from any source of noise e.

FR-A700 Inverter

Function Name Description Display Operation panel lock Appears when operation was tried during operation panel lock. Phase sequence needs not to be matched.

This allows customers to view data in a manner that is convenient and easy to understand. Check that wiring is correct.

The Instruction Manual applied is separately available from where you purchased the inverter or your Mitsubishi. Choose the Driver you want to install and then Click on Next.

Check for accumulated dust. Doing so will damage the inverter. For torque control, the motor gains speed as the motor output torque becomes greater than the motor load.

Increase The Starting Torque pr. Never connect the power cable to the U, V, W of the inverter. Check for the setting of Pr.

The maximum pulse input is kpps. Data can be reviewed in real time to minimize downtime. To change the control logic, the jumper connector on the back of the control circuit terminal block must be moved to the other position. This inverter must be earthed grounded.

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The parameter Press to choose the parameter number previously setting mode. Check alarm location and General Overall unit Check for unusual vibration and noise. This parameter may be only set if Pr. The inverter with the safety function can comply with the safety standards without incurring much expenses.

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Eliminates the need to use a brake unit with each inverter, reducing total space and total cost. The circuit may also be activated by a surge voltage produced in the power supply system.

Inquiries Contact Knowledge Base Help. Set the necessary parameters to meet the load and operational specifications. Excitation ratio Refer to the section about Pr. Refer to the flow chart below to perform setting. Change Acceleration And Deceleration Time pr.

Terminal Connection Diagram. Their characteristics are deteriorated by the adverse effects of ripple currents, etc. Display Operation Screen at powering on The monitor display appears.

Engineering Software iQ Works. Check that the power is not turned off or an operation panel is not disconnected, etc. Check that the load is not too heavy.

Set the output current detection period. Click on the above file name to download the data to desired folder. Check that the inverter output voltages U, V, W balanced. There are six different brake units as in the following table, from which make selection according to the necessary braking torque and deceleration time.

The time and date at a protective function activation are easily identified. Motor Tuning and Drive Setup Perform motor tuning off and online and drive setup using parameters or configuration wizards to minimize the start-up process or maximize motor performance.

Resistance against heat is what makes an inverter reliable. This facilitates the detection of rises in temperature inside the inverter following cooling fan malfunction, or rises in ambient temperature due to inverter operating conditions.

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FR-A700 Inverter

It should ask whether you want to install device drivers. Prior to installing the driver, close all your personal computer applications, including any resident programs such as virus detection program, intel ad1981a driver for windows 7 etc.