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Maxtor Personal Storage Driver Download for Windows 98
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Ask a Question Usually answered in minutes! One of these components has failed. Make sure it is the same type of a supply. New posts New profile posts Latest activity.

One of my fellow workers had a think pad and the power suppley fit. If the power supply is ok, and you feel tingling on your tongue, it's the controller board in the drive cage or the drive itself. Occasionally, and unpredictably, the computer will recognize the Maxtor.

Maxtor Personal storage suddenly not recognized. That is the background to the Maxtor advise to plug it into a wall outlet - it will function better. There is a Maxtor diagnostic tool for the - may be worth it to try it. Personal Cloud Comparisons.

Maxtor Personal Storage Driver v Windows 98SE

Asegurense de conectar el disco a un toma individual. Check disk management to see if it shows up there. It may be several days before I get back to the forum with information. It has worked fine ever since.

It is either a driver issue or a power issue or a bad storage device. You don't need a driver for it. The usb cable from my sisters hard drive works fine with mine so it is not as if the cable was damaged. Power down, make sure all is re-connected properly, bcm43235 linux driver and reboot and see if it works. Make sure you've rebooted your computer before trying it again.

Main computer alrighty sounds like there is a major problem with the hardisk controller inside did you drop it? Not finding what you are looking for? Take the drive apart, and try to plug it into your machine internally.

If so open it up to make sure the power is still hooked up, they come undone easy. New posts Trending Search forums.

Maxtor Personal Storage 3100 Driver Download

Maxtor personal storage

Just adding to the confirmation string. Are you a Maxtor Computer and Internet Expert? If not I was told they have a guru that can recover just about anything but it could be rather costly. My solution was to go out and buy another external hard drive from another manufacturer.

Look in Device Manager on your computer under Universal Serial Bus Controllers, and my bet is that your computer uses this chipset. They are normally pretty helpful. Hi there - I am having the same problem. After reading about the power source I swapped out the power plug with my modem's and sure enough I heard it start spinning.

Usually the problem always lies with the power supply of the external enclosure. Regarding a new compatable power supply, you might want to walk it into a bestbuys and see if they will plug it into a supply they have to test it. Hard drives fail sometimes but so do the enclosures to - so you may still have the data. This morning my system had been rebooted and again I noticed it wasn't mounted. If not leave plugged in and hit the power cord on the drive or unplug the drive again and back in if it will not start up it is time for a funeral for it.

Got a new power cord and all is wonderful with life again. Couldn't possibly be the Maxtor product.

Exact same bubble message I got. If it does work - backup everything immediately. My iTunes backup and pictures are all accessible again. Ensure that your computer is turned on Plug the one-pin power connector to the back of the hard disk enclosure Connect the other end to the power adapter Plug the power adapter into the wall outlet.

If you dont feel anything, the adapter is bad. To ensure proper setup, you may have to restart your computer.

Maxtor Personal Storage Driver Download for Windows 98

Maxtor Personal Storage 3100 Driver Download

Question Why my external Drive appeared as Local Disk? Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts Billboard Trophies. Just plug it to an individual ac power. You should also do this to check the drives connections are not bad inside the enclosure Note that if you hear a drive clicking or pinging this could be the worst thing you would hear. This is a real hard drive!

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