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Vik Dalishus cut a promo saying no one deserved to see him wrestle, so Eddie Kingston would be replacing him. Josh Mathews and Don Callis are the announcers. She rolled Ryan back inside the ring and then performed a top rope cannonball for a two count. She hit The Mini Magnum for a near fall.

IMPACT Wrestling United We Stand Results

Callis compared it to Houdini in that it seemed to disappear. Austin caught Impact climbing the cables and powerbombed him. Back in the ring Edwards getting worked over.

Results via Joshua Gagnon of WrestlingInc. Edwards performed a suicide dive onto Moose. Ryan bounced back with a spinebuster for a two count, then went back to work on the left arm.

The King Jerry Lawyer has the best piledriver. Thea went for a moonsault but Jade got out of the way, bcm5700 debian driver then nailed the package piledriver for the pin.

Pentagon and Fenix made a comeback to make it more evenly matched. Katie Forbes for the Knockouts Championship. The Lucha Bros via Pinfall. Mathews noted that Forbes had a chance to become the Knockouts Champion in her Impact debut.

Barry rolled him up from behind for a two count. Ryan followed up and worked on her arm outside of the ring. Aerostar with a step-up flip to the floor.

Otherwise, it was very smooth on my end. Tessa came back and performed a suicide dive. Rosemary sees her and meets Yung out on the ramp, the two brawl their way to the back. Very good while it lasted. Good match with lots of high flying and unique offense from both like usual with these two.

Quick Match Results

Quick Match Results

Impact Wrestling United We Stand results 4/4/19 - WRESTLING with DEMONS

Ortiz with a modified german suplex with the bridge, two. That was a unfortunate and telling way to end this show which had many production problems. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Callihan puts a trash can over Havoc and smacks it.

Backstage, Eddie Edwards is getting ready for his match, Moose shows up and tells him to chill out as he tries to talk to Edwards who starts yelling back at him. Flamita for the X Division Championship. Late in the match, Low Ki went up top for his double stomp finisher, but Ortiz pushed him down. She is supposed to be a heel but fans still respect her because they know that they are seeing someone special in the ring and on the microphone.


She carries just Valkyrie over and Graces takes them out with a dropkick off the top rope. Ortiz brought for the hot tag, drops Low-Ki, floats over a grounded Martinez, hits a dropkick to the back of the neck.

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Des Plaines, Illinois, United States. All four wrestlers go at until a stalemate takes place. It took two women to eliminate Grace. Ortiz pinned Martinez after a Death Valley Driver. Mathews also noted that Austin is replacing Jack Evans, who was a late scratch.

Swann came back with a Lethal Injection for a two count. Edwards and Aerostar get things started, quick back and forth counters that end in a stalemate. Topics aaa brian cage fenix flamita impact wrestling jimmy havoc joey ryan johnny impact lax low ki lucha underground mlw pentagon jr.

Do you like Sonya Deville? Thea tried to fight it off but Jade finally nailed it for another near fall. Valkyrie goes to work on Forbes, hip attack in the corner, double knees. In perhaps the sickest move of the night, Havoc bit the foot of Callihan.

She looked like a meteor soaring into the sky. Impact landed hard and came up holding his head, so hopefully he was just selling.

Carr came from behind and drilled Ortiz, then placed him on his shoulders. You had to know what this match was going to be when it was first announced. Impact gets everyone hyped up, then bails out of the ring and tries to go for the X hanging above the ring. Austin also took a tough bump from the cables a short time later.

Kingston nailed a backdrop driver on Carr. Cage looks to finish off Daga, but Moose hits Cage with a spear. The wrestlers shook hands prior to the match.

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You can clearly see that something is wrong with Austin after that botch. Backstage, Tessa Blanchard says Valkyrie may feel great about retaining the title, but Valkyrie is only the champion because of what Gail Kim.

The live crowd loved the addition of Dreamer to the match. InFrancine began managing Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer was unable to score a pinfall on Raven for the entire feud until he pinned Raven in a Loser Leaves Town match before Raven went to World Championship Wrestling. What was the best piledriver you've ever seen?

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. They pulled out all the garbage match spots. Impact Knockouts Championship Rosemary vs. He worked over Barr but Carr tagged in and they double teamed Ortiz.