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Take a can of air and blow some into the slot to make sure dust or dirt isn't getting the way of that reader trying to read the sd cards. If this is the only card that the computer is not recognizing, I would recommend a new memory card. Perhaps you would like more information, to put together some of the information I stated in the Clarifications. How does a novice do this? Now it won't recognize tha card at all.


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Hi i have a optiplex gx that has been reformatted. The images on the card are in a different format which is not recognised by the reader. The cable inside the computer that connects the front-panel card reader to the motherboard has come loose. While I've been in device manager before, I h Hi BlackLewis, try windows update before trying another re-install.

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Sdhc support - replaced hard drive on inspiron by dell. Having problems with your Dell Inspiron Notebook?

The SanDisk reader still works. It used to before we took it to get it fixed and rehooked everything up. Compaq Hewlett Packard p Notebook. Im doing a course on windows xp proffeisonal, in order to learn the upgrade from windows to windows xp prof, what will i need.

After that i loaded its drivers from net but they are not supporting them. Windows will see that you are missing drivers for some of your hardware. The computer recognized the device, but that is as far as l get. Sd card reader doesnt seem to work I had the same problem as you describe on my Medion P laptop and on a previous Medion desktop that was, sadly, stolen from my apartment in early December. Generally to upgrade from a former O.

Computer is not recognizing my memory card Does your computer recognize any other memory cards? My noteoook got the problem with port usb Since you have these many problems with your laptop, Firstly try to reformat the system and reinstall all the neccessary drivers. When card is inserted, computer takes no action whatsoever. Memorystick duo My Acer Travelmate is supposed to have a card reader for memory stick duo, but it dissappear into the slot. If it is a Card reader then you should try to use another Card reader, try maybe at your friends computer if he has one.

Check the spec of your card reader if it can support to your new card, if not you upgrade your card reader. So I order restore disks from Compaq, I restore my computer and everything is working better except, unbeknownst to me, the usb ports, photo card readers, asus vw193dr driver and serial port no longer work. Its either the card reader drivers or the the memory card itself.

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The green light comes on, But when I plug in an sd card the red light comes on and it won't read anything. Kindly help me out please. The world is in an economic crisis right now. As for reattaching the Card Reader cable, can't help you. Acer Aspire Series Laptop.