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It depends, is this your only, lg p920 omap 4430 drivers or not? Personal preference though.

Auto box makes city driving a breeze, whilst the paddles married with the synchro rev feature make it exciting in a good road. However, the road noise is loud fixed that with an after market exhaust! Hi there, Just saw this by chance as I'm rarely in this part of the forum.

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Do you get paranoid by the Z for work, grocery, shopping, commute, etc I wouldn't, it's the same price as most other cars. How often are you the driver when your friends and you go places? Like in some other cars I have had. And even if it would work as the boot is a funny shape for a strap. Italian Job Miura certified by Polo Storico.

There's a garage in Woodbridge, who's owner has an Azure Z. Go for it you won't be disppointed! However despite me literally worshipping the car I still manage to talk myself out of buying one. Finger on the edge of the spoiler for me though. It's alot of car for what they go for now.

However, I don't really notice that anymore. Sure there are cheaper cars to run but as said above why not arrive in style!

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The z will be a excellent daily driver. You will still find you'll have to pay for other consumables out of your pocket tax, tyres, brakes, etc but to me it was well worth the price for what you get.

Daily Driver or Weekend Car? That's probably a fair move. Display as a link instead. Originally Posted by europeankar.

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Take the plunge and I guarantee you won't regret it. It's very punchy when fully lit, with a fat torque curve and the brakes and suspension are good out of the box. If its dual carrige way you can get mpg.

Just extra off site is covered by expenses. Real men drive a Zed not a Shed. Do you find the wind noise annoying from your trunk area? Hello everybody, I am new to the forum although have browsed the website many times before looking for answers and tips. But Im a Nissan guy, and always will be.

Agreed same as other cars, although other cars you can just throw the stuff in the boot. Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Only downsides are that the sat nav is possessed by an evil spirit and likes to mess me up, occasionally taking weird routes to places that local knowledge wouldn't encourage.

Some very very good points. The in-built hands free is utterly useless and the cabin noise is above average. Maybe something like this? You hang out in small, or larger groups? You're also welcome to have a closer look and a passenger ride in mine if you are local.

My Zed is a daily commuter from Leicester to Hinckley. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Dig everything out the boot, pitch tent, put items back in boot. If you are re-gassed, why not put the weight back in, helping to close the boot without too much effort?

The Z served me fine as a daily driver. But otherwise it's a fairly well rounded car that will work for you on a daily basis as long as you don't need it to carry large items.

Also the standard exhaust makes it sound s t, but there are some great mature aftermarket options available. Yes it's gonna cost more on fuel than a diesel shed but what would u rather spend ur time on the road in?

Nissan z as a daily driver. Why wouldn't one use it as a daily driver?

Can anyone tell me if the facelift models have them? On my previous cars, there has been a handle on the inside of the boot, to help close the boot. Considering it was a European tour it had it's great points.

Just factor in a decent exhaust as the standard one is definitely too quiet! How do you close your boot?

370Z as a daily driver

There is a lot more power in the z. Paste as plain text instead. Town driving will be lower.

So, i have to put my dirty hands on the boot lid to shut it. Anyone done anything like this? Is the Z's trunk space practical? They come with lots of toys as standard - xenons, heated seats, cruise, Bose stereo, Bluetooth interface and hands free. Every now and then I wished I had real back-seats, but not enough to have wanted a different car.

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